my future


I chose this photo because in my future I want to be laying on the beach building sand castles and just laying in the sun enjoying the lake breeze. I believe that in life if you want to be happy then you should do things you enjoy.


Faith The Dog

Faith the puppy was so sick of being bullied in school. She wanted to just give up and never look back because she knew she was different. She knew she wasn’t like the other kids. She had no legs. She would cry to her mom wishing she was not different but her mom would say sometimes its good to be different than others. One day she met another friend at school named timothy he was great at everything catching ball, running etc. He told her that even though people brought her down she needed to strive to be who she wanted to be. He helped her learn how to  do things that every dog could do. One day she even learned how to walk on only two legs. She became famous because no other dog could do that. Putting a little faith in herself brought her along way. The bullies began trying to be her friend because she was now fmous but the only friend she needed that stood  by her side no matter what was timothy. She learned being different is okay.

I edited my photo by changing it to black and white and than increasing the contrast. I cropped it to the way it is because i wanted to have the person as the focus of the picture. My persons personaility in this picture is happy and it is shown by her having a big smile on her face. My editing made her more sophisticated looking but very happy with black and white. My challenge with the model was having her do poses that i wanted her to do. Things i would do differently is be more comfortable with the model and tell her what poses i would like her to do.